Full Time Buccaneers (and Holiday Club)

Prices include two snacks, a hot lunch and a cold tea where appropriate and funded hours may be used at any time (8am until 6pm) and the 15 hours a week is deducted from invoices the term after your child turns 3 (38 weeks a year). The Full Time sessions are available as a term time only option, but the funded hours only run between 9am and 4pm.

Sessions Funded Hours Times 2 years 3-5 years Holiday Club for
siblings & ex pupils 5+
Full Day 10h 8am – 6pm £43 £42 £33
Short Day+ 8h 8am – 4pm £39 £38 £29
Short Day 7h 9am – 4pm £35 £34 £26
Morning (inc hot lunch) 5h 8am – 1pm £27 £26 £20
Afternoon (inc tea) 5h 1pm – 6pm £26 £25 £19


Pre-School Explorers – Term Time Only & Fully Funded Sessions

Sessions Funded Hours Times 2 years (1:4 ratio) 3-5 years (1:8 ratio)
Morning 3 9am – 12pm £20 £13.50 / free
Afternoon 3 1pm – 4pm £15 £13.50 / free

Additional Explorers Hours

Sessions Funded Hours Times 2 years (1:4 ratio) 3-5 years (1:8 ratio)
Lunch Club 1 12pm – 1pm £5 £4.50 / Free
Early Start 0 8am – 9am £5 £4.50
Tea Time Stay
(not funded)
0 4pm – 6pm £10 £9


Booking In

Minimum of three sessions applies at two and 15 hours at three unless otherwise agreed.

For an information pack please contact us. This will include the necessary forms to enroll your child.

You are very welcome to visit the nursery (by appointment only please) before making any decisions and to discuss your individual requirements.



Days and sessions can be mixed to allow parents flexibility to meet their particular requirements. We do normally recommend a minimum of two attendances (sessions or days) per week on different days, to allow your child to settle.

All children are entitled to free early education and can receive a maximum of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year.  Any additional services and/or hours will be charged accordingly unless you have one of the 8 fully funded places which exempts you from extras..

There are currently 8 fully funded places available and they have no additional extras.