Small World Kindergarten

Meals we provide

We follow the Eat Better Start Better Guidelines so that the children at our nursery are provided meals, snacks and drinks that are balanced, healthy and nutritious. All of our meals are prepared on the premises using fresh ingredients by our nursery chef.

At Small World we would like to work closely with you as parents or carers to understand any specific needs your child has with regards to food, including the stage they are at (from weaning onwards) and any intolerances or allergies your child may have, we will find this out at your child’s first settling-in session.

We offer (depending on the session times your child attends) breakfast, a morning snack, cooked lunch and afternoon snack and light tea.

Our team have food safety training and we are inspected by Ipswich Borough Council to ensure high standards in food provision. We received the highest rating (5) at our last inspection.

Our menus are on a rolling rota to help maintain variety, however a sample of our menus can be viewed below.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Breakfast selection from; Rice Crispies, Shreddies, wholegrain Cheerio’s, Weetabix and croissants with a choice of spreads G DA

Morning and afternoon Snack

 Milk or Water with a selection of fresh Fruit and crackers, e.g. rice cake, breadsticks, cream crackers.

 Week 1 Lunch  Moroccan soup with wholemeal bread rolls (V) DA C G SY  Miso Beef (Quorn (V)), Mushroom & Roasted Butternut Squash on Bulgur Wheat G SY C  Nursery topped Pizzas & salad.

Margaretta’s (V) and Pepperoni G DA

 Jack fruit curry with Rice & Naan bread (V) C  Chicken (Quorn (V)) & vegetable pie with new potatoes G DA C
Dessert Yoghurts DA Fruit salad Baked treats G DA E Bananas & custard  DA Pineapple upside down cake DA
Tea Wholemeal wraps filled with salad, ham & cheese G DA Spaghetti Hoops on toast G Sandwiches & veg sticksG Soup & bread rollsG Crumpets with toppings & veg sticks G DA


 Week 2


 Penne with peas & a freshly made sundried tomato paste & mascarpone sauce (V) G DA SU  Pork chipolatas (or (V) Sausages) with rustic mash, seasonal veg & gravy E C M DA  Chicken (Quorn (V)) Jambalaya

(spiced rice with tomatoes, onions & red peppers) C

 Beef & Winter Vegetable stew (Without Beef (V)) E C M DA  Jacket potatoes topped with cheese & beans (V) or tuna & sweetcorn with coleslaw DA F
Dessert Steamed pudding & custardG DA Yogurts DA Angel delight DA Ice cream roll DA G Fruit salad
Tea Soup & bread rolls G Tomato pastaG Bagels & Cream cheese with veg sticks G DA Chicken mayo wraps & veg sticks G DA Sandwiches & veg sticksG