The Kindergarten and Montessori offers a broad and balanced timetable which takes into account individual needs. Each child is presented with varied experiences and opportunities to explore their environment using a wide range of materials and equipment. Through exploration and play we cater for the child’s social, emotional and educational development which will form a foundation for further learning. We follow both the EYFS and a Montessori curriculum with our biggest focus on having emotionally ready children for school by allowing them to become confident learners.

We have a joy for music with our QTS being a fugal player in Kesgrave band, music as a form of enjoyment and multi-skill development is embraced and each winter term we celebrate with a nativity for all the parents to enjoy. We have daily sound sessions to help with their phonics learning and other creative lessons come from yoga and dance teachers visiting us weekly during the term time. Stories from all cultures play a central part in the children’s learning and we relish the chance to celebrate annual festivities from around the world, we have had parents in to share their experiences with the children too, most recently dumpling making for Chinese New Year,

Short trips to Christchurch Park for forest school on a Friday are a big hit with the children, who learn about their outdoor environment and what we can do to protect it. Jenny has over twenty years experience with teaching forest school and she brings an enthusiasm for life which is infectious! If you do not wish your child to be included in trips out of the nursery, this can be indicated on your registration form.