All year and Term Time Bookings 

Fee’s include am and pm snacks, a hot lunch, and tea where appropriate. Early drop offs and late finishes can be added onto short day booking (subject to availability). We’re open for 50 weeks of the year, excluding bank holidays and inset days. The nursery closes for one week between Christmas and New Year and the week containing the August bank holiday in the summer (these two weeks are charged but discounted by 50%).

Fee’s are due in advance, and we issue invoices mid-month for the following month. Unfortunately there can be no refunds for sickness or holidays.




11 months – 2 years 3+ years
Full Day 10h 8am – 6pm £73 – £70 £67
Short Day 8h 8:30am – 4:30pm £63 – £60 £57
Morning with Lunch 5h 8:30am – 1:30pm £43 – £40 £37
 Early Start  0.5h  8-8:30am  £5 £5

Registering with us

For more information about availability or joining our enquiries list, please contact the nursery by phone 01473253619 or email so that we can set up a visit and discuss your individual requirements with you personally.

Sessions requirements

Days and sessions can be mixed to allow parents flexibility, but we require a minimum of 15 hours as two or three sessions per week, unless otherwise agreed.

The government provides between 15 and 30 funded hours for eligible 3-year-olds, funding terms start in January, April and September, the term after their third birthday (for a total of 38 weeks a year). We make funding available for 7.5 hours each day, the hourly rate is refunded automatically. Charges for food and extras (not covered by government funding) will still apply and are shown on your invoice separately. We can spread funding for children taking three or more full days (8-6).

To find out what government funding you may be eligible for, or to set up your tax-free childcare account, follow child care choices.


Discounts are available for: children attending for 5 days a week all year 5% and if you have two or more siblings attending at the same time, a 5% discount would be applied to your eldest child.


We provide four places, for qualifying 2-5 year olds. The choice of days is linked to our availability for adult/child ratios, we allocate days term by term. The hours offered are for that term only and we cannot guarantee that the same booking pattern will be available in the following term. Places are offered at least 2 weeks’ in advance of a term starting, subject to availability.

Holiday Club

Places are available to children who have previously attended or have siblings that currently attend. Children can attend until their 8th birthday and are only charge our hourly rate, plus food (no charges for extras).