All Paople-01

“It’s a fantastic nursery with lots of exciting extras, I highly recommend to everyone”
– Laura, mum of 2

“To say a huge well done to everyone for the nativity. Elystan absolutely loved it and everyone did a brilliant job. Such experiences are really increasing Elystan’s confidence and he enjoyed singing with his friends.”

sally and Elystan

“I would just like to encourage you that Small World continues to be a happy safe environment for my child. We appreciate you very much”
– Becky and Rosa

“I have been very pleased that Juliette already knows 95% of her sounds, great work”
– mum of Juliette, 3

“loved sports day! think the children enjoyed it too, ice creams especially. Medals a lovely touch

thank you Emma and team”

Sarah and Etta

“I just want to say well done to you all for putting on such a well organised and enjoyable event.  Clearly a lot of work went into it.

next year I’m bringing my trainers for the dads race.”

Keith and Edward

“Just want to pop a note to say that the Elog system is fantastic. We love it! Its so nice to see all the updates.”

thanks very much

Emma and Eddie