Our policies are briefly summarised below, however a full copy of our policies can be viewed in the Nursery. Due to regular updates they are not available to download from our website.



We operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that children have access to nursery places and services irrespective of gender, race, religion, colour or creed.  Prior to a child attending nursery, parents must organise a visit with the principal and then complete, sign and return the booking and registration forms along with a registration fee. Until this is received and processed we cannot confirm your place, to avoid disappointment it is advised to return the forms as soon as possible.



The nursery’s work with children and families will sometimes bring us into contact with confidential information.  To ensure all those using and working in the nursery can do so with confidence, all staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Behaviour Management

We believe that children and adults flourish best in an ordered environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them and the children are free to develop their play and learning without fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else.  We aim to work towards a situation in which children can develop self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement.


Safeguarding Children

The nursery will follow the guidance issued by the Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board and Ofsted.  We will always create an environment in which children, staff, visitors and carers are safe at all times.


Health and Hygiene

Our nursery promotes a healthy lifestyle and a high standard of hygiene in its day to day work with children and adults. In this time of pandemics we have enhanced our protection with hand sanitiser and the use of a daily fogging machine that offers lasting protection from “Edge protect”.  It goes without saying that increased cleaning of both the nursery, it’s equipment and the children’s hands also plays a part. Please call for more information on how we are protecting ourselves and the children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smoking will not be permitted on the premises, either indoors or outdoors.


Health and Safety

The safety of young children is of paramount importance.  In order to ensure the safety of both children and adults, the nursery will ensure that all children are supervised by the legally required number of adults at all times and will always be within sight of an adult.



We follow the NDNA’s recommendations for safer recruitment and follow its procedures, insuring anyone working with the children are qualified and/or suitable to do so.


Prevent Duty

Prevent Duty – Please see this new policy in the office if you wish to read it.